Sponsored Research

The University has a proven track record in delivering world-leading sponsored research programmes to industry to meet the technical challenges or market opportunities facing your organisation.

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Jonathan Shek has been undertaking research projects in renewable energy

Market advantages can be created from new innovative products and processes developed from collaboration from industry experience and academic expertise. Collaboration can be through unique sponsored collaborative research or studentship that address a specific industry problem or seed new ideas for the future.

Key benefits of sponsored research

  • Access to ground-breaking innovations - at lower cost than in-house development
  • Develop a strategic relationship with world-class researchers/inventors
  • Early access to emerging research/intellectual property that could be implemented into your product pipeline
  • Eliminates the need to invest in specialised research facilities and infrastructure
  • Leverage funds into larger public-funded collaborative research projects
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs for employing a graduate with unique skills

Collaborative research

Out-sourced R&D can fill knowledge gaps within the organisation. Collaborative research projects provide access to the University’s research expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to carry out research specified by the client company. This is a cost-effective alternative to building in-house capability and intellectual property can be accessed as part of a commercial project (subject to appropriate agreements). There is also the added potential for longer term strategic relationships.

Industrial studentships

A three-four year industrial studentship at the University engages a high calibre graduate to work in a research area of strategic importance to you as a sponsor. As part of the programme, you will gain access to world-class academic experts at forefront of their field and the University’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The resulting project will provide a significant overview of the current thinking and theory associated with the chosen project area and will also look to develop solutions to meet the project challenges.

Template agreements

Scotland’s universities have developed a suite of standard template agreements to make it even easier to work with us on collaborative research projects or industrial studentships. These standard agreements are geared more towards smaller business organisations without the resources or experience in working with universities to appreciate the likely terms and conditions that a university would seek in working together.

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